Our History

Sundays at Sandwich

The three couples that produce the Sunday at Sandwich Antiques Show, longtime friends and professional acquaintances, took seriously a suggestion made by a mutual friend back in the Spring of 2012.  “You guys should take over that market at Sandwich and make it what it used to be.  You can do it.”  While both flattering and challenging, the seed was planted.  We knew the idea was plausible given the range of experience of the six of us in the world of antiques selling and show management.  We also knew the status of the failing market already operating at the fairgrounds.  A couple of visits to the Sandwich Fair Association Board came next, and later a green light was given in the Fall of 2012.  This led us to form our company of Blue Antique Productions, LLC., that was registered in Illinois at year end.

The frantic first quarter of 2013 was spent printing and distributing contracts, recruiting dealers and food vendors, obtaining insurance, establishing a bank account, placing print and radio advertising, distributing show cards with event dates, making signs, developing website, Facebook and email accounts, talking to Sandwich businesses, arranging security services, getting tent and table suppliers, and doing a local TV interview to tell our story.  Fortunately, both the public and dealers responded to the call and our Mother’s Day opening in May 2013, was the first of five successful second Sunday events.  We now look forward to an increasingly exciting 2015 season.