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Montgomery Corn

Corn is a pretty important crop and commodity in the Midwest. If you don’t think so, take a little drive west from Sandwich after you visit the Sunday at Sandwich Antiques Market and pay attention to the miles and miles of healthy cornfields that flourish in Illinois. Over the years, ... read more

Welcome 2014!

Do you remember what a metaphor is from your English class?  It’s a simply a word or phrase that conveys an idea by using an example of some other activity or thing.  How about “chomping at the bit”?  When old Dobbin was chompin’ at the bit, it meant that he ... read more

Printing Techniques

Today we think nothing of taking a quick photo with our mobile phone and instantly send to a friend or relative.  Prior to Queen Victoria’s day, however, the idea of capturing an image through photography was unknown.  A picture of anything had to be drawn by hand, a process that ... read more