Welcome 2014!

Do you remember what a metaphor is from your English class?  It’s a simply a word or phrase that conveys an idea by using an example of some other activity or thing.  How about “chomping at the bit”?  When old Dobbin was chompin’ at the bit, it meant that he was anxious to get goin’.  And that, my friends, describes the Blue Antique Production Team to a “T”.

By any measure the Sunday at Sandwich Antiques Show season of 2013 was a solid success, thanks to our great dealers and enthusiastic customers.  We have managed to remind a lot of folks that Sandwich, Illinois truly is a destination for antiques.  With a vibrant market at the fairgrounds and the great shops in town, why would any antique or collectible fan ever want to miss the action?

And now, in the middle of winter, the lads and ladies in the Blue Shirts are anxious to “get goin” again and are “chomping at the bit”.  It may be many months before show time but we are busy planning the advertising, talking to dealers, sending out contracts and passing out show cards.  Our new website is just part of the effort going into the 2014 season.  Remember, the Second Sunday at Sandwich is where it’s at!